Waste Oil Recycling Technology

Waste to Energy

Waste Oil recycling technology

Stratcone Green solutions are currently pioneers in the waste oil refining technology in collaboration with world leading partners.The various installations across the globe for our technology associate are as mentioned below.

No. Name of Client Capacity Year of Supply
1 Wren Oil, Australia 1200LPH 1998
2 Solar Lubricants, Sharjah 1000 LPH 2001
3 Telos, Israel 1250 LPH 2002
4 Encore Energy, USA 3200 LPH 2003
5 Encore Energy, USA 3200 LPH 2004
6 Local Oils Ltd, Antigua 350 LPH 2009
6 Como Lube, USA 1500 LPH 2006
7 Dure Oil, Abu Dhabi 1500 LPH 2008
8 Heartland Petroleum, USA 5500 LPH 2008
9 South Eastern Petroleum, USA 2000 LPH 2009
10 Green View Technologies, USA 2000 LPH 2010


Our technology converts used lubricant oil into 70% base lubricant oil,20% asphalt and 10% water hence making it a 100% zero emission system. 

Stratcone green solutions designs and builds systems which recover useable, clean lubricating oils and diesel fuel from dirty, used crankcase oils, hydraulic oils, mist oils, and other contaminated oils. These systems are skid mounted and completely assembled. Ten Used oil recycling systems built by us are in operation at various locations in the world while two are under manufacture and start-up.

Stratcone green solutions has a unique approach to Oil Recycling combining many aspects that no other company in the world duplicates. This approach produces a superior product, without producing more waste which can damage the environment!

  • Our Systems are as small as 50 GPH to as large as 7500 GPH or higher, rated for 24 hr continuous operation for 330 days a year. They are modular.
  • They are less expensive than most other types
  • Our multistage systems can deal with a large variety of feed oils
  • Combined with our regenerative clay polishing system, our systems give lubes to Group 1 and II
  • When our client seeks products to Group II+, we offer the Hydrotreat system with our recycling plant.
  • Our systems are PLC controlled and function automatically. They can also be monitored from our office
Waste to Energy

In Stratcone green solutions, you will find a team that combines its design and engineering abilities with hands-on experience. Our solutions work. They convert your waste into opportunities to build a profitable business. Contact us and we will be pleased to work with you.

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